The author of this blog is currently packing and loading boxes into a small U-Haul trailer leaving Palo Alto, CA, early Monday morning the 24th, and arriving in Portland, Oregon, later that same day (much later). As such, the author of this blog will not be authoring much of anything for the next few days. At least not until he knows his childhood Space Legos, which have been so expertly bubble-wrapped and safely packed into his car, are safe and set up in their new Pacific Northwest home. The author apologizes for this inconvenience but thanks you, the reader, for understanding. Especially about the Space Legos part. Blogging will resume from the author’s new home in early September. Keep in mind, that while you, the reader, wait excitedly for the return of the author’s rather dull blog, you, the reader, can pre-order the author’s book, The Church of FacebookHERE, read the introduction and first chapter to the book HERE and enjoy the classic YouTube video of the author’s book contract signing below, which is sure to elicit laughter and/or curiosity, or at least the death of a few minutes at work. Thank you.

Photo by Michelle Lane


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  1. Watching you sign your book contract… makes me realize how much I miss you! I forgot how funny you are. 🙂 So happy for you and the direction your life has taken. God Bless you Jesse!!

  2. I really like the photograph of the bidge. I would like to use it on my web page for a business in Portland, OR. Please contact me at your nearest convience to discuss further.



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