Portland Is The New…er, Portland

portland_skyline_1I swiped this link from Don Miller’s blog. You’d be surprised how many best-selling authors come from Portland. Or, at least, how many would like to be best-selling authors. See if you can spot the rain.*

*Hint: According to this video, there is no rain in Portland.


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  1. I think I saw rain… at 2:30…. Jess why are you all living in OR again… when you can have sunny CA? Being in Africa a tad out of the loop some months… Lon

  2. i watched this on the d.m. blog a couple weeks back.
    i’m actually planning a meet in the middle weekend trip to portland with a blog friend from idaho (we already spent a week together in cali. in june. she even came to the feast of tents).
    we plan on getting doped up on coffee while there and of course taking in the sights while we are huddled under an umbrella.

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