Facebook As The Ultimate Water Cooler?

water coolerDuring an interview with 60 Minutes in early 2007, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) told Leslie Stahl quite matter-of-factly, “We’re on a trajectory to be pretty universal soon if we can keep our growth going.”

Not national. Not global. Universal. Listen to Jessi Hempel, a writer for Fortune Magazine, describe the breadth of Zuckerberg’s vision:

[Zuckerberg’s] ultimate goal is less poetic—and perhaps more ambitious: to turn Facebook into the planet’s standardized communication (and marketing) platform, as ubiquitous and intuitive as the telephone but far more interactive, multidimensional—and indispensable. Your Facebook ID quite simply will be your gateway to the digital world, Zuckerberg predicts. “We think that if you can build one worldwide platform where you can just type in anyone’s name, find the person you’re looking for, and communicate with them,” he told a German audience in January [2009], “that’s a really valuable system to be building.”
In other words, Hempel concluded, considering the future of online social networking, “Facebook will be where people live their digital lives.”

Facebook as “the planet’s standardized communication and marketing platform?” That’s a fairly ambitious goal. But with its seemingly unstoppable exponential growth (Facebook just crossed the 300 million-member line), Zuckerberg’s trajectory seemed on course to quickly become a reality.

How much of your digital life includes time around the Facebook water cooler?


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