Have You Met the Lethal Commenting Ninja?

ninja 416x234

I was recently introduced to a guy named Jim Gray who is a viral marketing mastermind.  He and his def posse of ninjas (to mix modern metaphors) have been very helpful in pushing online connecting to the next level.  I encourage you to check out their work, follow them on Twitter, allow them to stealthily stalk you, etc.

Visit the Ninjas NOW!

Follow the Ninjas on Twitter!


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  1. Thanks Jesse…really appreciate it.

  2. Wow – very nice write up… I’ve learned that the ninja’s do an epic job of filtering twitter and boiling down the stuff that I really want to know about! So much so that I follow them on twitter – but also have their tweet stream come in to my fav RSS reader just so I know that I won’t miss any ninja goodness!

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