Our Great Big Facebook Family

Facebook is where many of us interact with our families.  Especially if they are spread out around the world, or simply abnormally busy like everyone else.  It’s quick, it’s easy.  It gets the word out fast.  I have celebrated family (and folks who feel like family) when learning of engagements, weddings, new births.  I have grieved when learning of divorces, job losses, deaths.  Facebook, in that sense, is the ultimate family newsletter, a dynamic, comprehensive, family archive of what’s happening now, what just happened, or what’s just about to happen.

In light of this new “online family newsletter” we all read and contribute to, I thought it wouldn’t be inappropriate to remember my mom’s home-going today in an online format, thirteen years after she passed away from a chronic-progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis.

No matter how old you are, you’re not supposed to be without your mom, as many of us who have lost our moms know well.  My mom gave me countless gifts, but learning how to read and appreciate books may have been one of her best.  I think she would be proud to know what I’m up to these days.

I would like to have heard the many hilarious stories she would have to recount were she on Facebook with me today (though, admittedly, I am able to avoid explanations for certain status updates and/or pictures because she’s not).  I know, in my mom’s usual style, that she would laugh so hard she would snort, which would make her (and everyone around her), laugh even harder.

So mom, here’s a status update tribute in honor of your special day:

Evelyn Marie Rice, April 26, 1949 – January 2, 1997.  I miss you and am so proud to have been your son.


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  1. tears. love your mom still. she saw in me what i could not see in myself.
    i was just talking about her the other day- the color of her hair (the most beautiful shade of auburn and brown, with streaks of gray) and how in her weakness God’s strength was displayed.
    i’m so grateful God let me see her days before he took her home. that was a gift to me.
    i celebrate that she LIVES in His “love better than life.”

    and she would delight in and be so proud of you jesse.

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