Before Monday Morning Hits, Do This!

Hyperconnection (being always-connected to our technologies, social networks, etc) can make it difficult to be fully present to the moment right in front of us and all that moment contains.  One thing that can help is stopping to remember.

Remember is an interesting word, because it means literally putting one’s self back together: re-membering.  As a new year begins and we quickly move from the rush of the holiday season to the rush of getting back to work, back to school, back to routines, it is more important than ever to take a few moments and remember.

I’ve been doing this recently by looking back over 2009 and jotting down some memories.  This was the year I moved eight times, spent the winter in New Zealand, wrote and published a book, relocated my California body and soul to an Oregon city, finished grad school, met many extraordinary people, and got a few more grey hairs.  It was a year full of painful transitions and exciting new beginnings.  A lot of losses and a lot of gains.

What was your 2009 like?  Take a few moments and write down some first-thought memories.  Before launching into your first Monday morning of the new year, pause and remember – what stands out most?  It may be very painful, it may be exciting, it may be a lot of the same-old, same-old.  But those memories are yours and pausing to gather them up and take a good look helps you enter the new year as the whole person you are, scattered though you may feel in this moment.

Happy re-membering today!


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