What Matters Now

As many of you already know, Seth Godin is an internet guru. What makes him unique is that he also has a great deal of heart. He and some rather impressive friends recently released a free ebook called What Matters Now. It is a collection of single-page thoughts on creativity, marketing, leadership, spirituality and more from creative leaders around the world.

I found What Matters Now to be a very inspiring and very quick read. It’s had several million downloads so you may have already read it. This is for the folks who haven’t and could use a little inspiration. I promise it will be with your time and a tiny bit of hard drive space. The ebook (which comes as a small-file PDF) also includes links to all of its contributors (which turns out to be a great list of resources for helping you think through and plan your year to come).

Get the free ebook HERE.


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  1. I listened to this book on CD with my wife and we enjoyed it very much. We both at baby boomers but still enjoy FB very much. This book will really mmake you think more about your “community”!

    • thanks for the kind words, Doug. I can’t picture you guys as “boomers” but I’ll take your word for it:-) Happy new year to you both!

  2. Might want to check the link, wasn’t working for me.

  3. Thanks Jesse great look at creativity and really inspiring.

    O and I have just finished the book was great. You got any more in the pipeline soon?

    • Thanks so much, Alistair. Yes, ideas for the next book are bubbling up. Hopefully, they’ll turn into something readable in the not-to-distant future!

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