Do You Possess Royal DNA?

In the strange realm of cyberspace, Content is king.

If you have Good Content, it will rise to the top like the bubbles in your Black Butte Porter.  You will find your blog hits climbing, your “friends” lists growing, and your Google self-search taking up more pages.  Good Content is that stuff we recognize immediately because it moves us to our guts.

If you have Mediocre or Downright Bad Content…

Well, cyberspace is mostly saturated with our collective crap, and you will be in very good company.

You’ll find plenty of Mediocre or even Downright Bad Content on this blog, too, I’m afraid.  That’s partly to do with the fact that it is very hard to be more than mediocre.  It takes time.  It is very non-sexy.  You won’t find it on YouTube because it is boring to watch.

Good Content, meanwhile, is the result of a wholehearted commitment to doing our best at what is right in front of us, however impressive or unimpressive that may be to our audiences-at-large.  (There is at least one person in that audience who will get it, though – I guarantee).

And besides, I’d much rather reply “maybe” to the Evite and keep my options open than commit.  I’d rather start a series of new projects than go through the grey uncertainty required to see one to completion.  I’d rather get a blog post out there quickly than think too much about it.  Mediocre has a certain charm, especially when I’m tired or overcommitted or have forgotten what matters most in my life.

I suppose that’s why Content is king in cyberspace.  Good Content, at least.  Because wholeheartedness carries royal DNA in its blood.

So go and be kingly and queenly today, giving your whole heart to that thing that moves you in your guts.

(photo credit: Gary S Chapman for Imagebank)

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  1. I completely understand what you are talking about. I haven’t posted any kind of scripture study, sermon, bible deep dive in many many months because to be good and worthwhile will take time. It’s easy to just say I don’t have the time right now because of this or that and I will get to it later.
    There was a great article on on “What is Truth?” and I realized after reading it that I had been wanting to do a post on that exact topic for a while but just have not gotten around to it.
    I think (hope?) your article and the one from will prod me to 1. be more active in the conversations out there and 2. not settle for mediocrity when contributing to the conversation.

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