Of Hats and Scarves

The following video could change your life.  But chances are slim.  (It’s safe for work!)


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  1. I must have moved up here too long ago to be issued my own goofy hat and scarf, although I have been known to wear both from time to time!

    • Yes, I think you just missed the window. “Here’s your goofy hat, your scarf – now, no driving while talking on your cell!”

  2. I saw Nancy’s feature in this morning’s Oregonian, and so I subscribed to your blog.

    You know you need a knit hat to match the knit scarf. That’s how we roll here. Welcome to PDX!

    • Thanks for subscribing! My wife and I checked out your blog and loved it (“knitteratti” is brilliant)- glad to know other good folks here in PDX.

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