RESOURCE WEEK: Seth Godin’s Blog and Free E-Book!

This is “Resource Week” here at The Church of Facebook blog. As such, you will find daily postings of helpful resources that can help you – like me – try to figure out the most life-giving ways to integrate your online and offline worlds.

Seth Godin is up first.  And once again, Godin puts truth into a tasty and easily-digestible (but very potent) little treat.  Take a quick read through his blogged thoughts below and see if you spot your reflection.  I did.

Beyond that, stay tuned for some more great resources to come this week!

MODERN PROCRASTINATION by Seth Godin (Feb. 1, 2010)

The lizard brain adores a deadline that slips, an item that doesn’t ship and most of all, busywork.

These represent safety, because if you don’t challenge the status quo, you can’t be made fun of, can’t fail, can’t be laughed at. And so the resistance looks for ways to appear busy while not actually doing anything.

I’d like to posit that for idea workers, misusing Twitter, Facebook and various forms of digital networking are the ultimate expression of procrastination. You can be busy, very busy, forever. The more you do, the longer the queue gets. The bigger your circle, the more connections are available.

Laziness in a white collar job has nothing to do with avoiding hard physical labor. “Who wants to help me move this box!” Instead, it has to do with avoiding difficult (and apparently risky) intellectual labor.

“Honey, how was your day?”

“Oh, I was busy, incredibly busy.”

“I get that you were busy. But did you do anything important?”

Busy does not equal important. Measured doesn’t mean mattered.

When the resistance pushes you to do the quick reaction, the instant message, the ‘ping-are-you-still-there’, perhaps it pays to push in precisely the opposite direction. Perhaps it’s time for the blank sheet of paper, the cancellation of a long-time money loser, the difficult conversation, the creative breakthrough…

Or you could check your email.

(Download Seth’s latest FREE E-BOOK “What Matters Now” right HERE – very inspiring stuff!)


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  1. What a pluasere to meet someone who thinks so clearly

  2. Man this guy has the most tiring reviews. We get it. You’re not too interested in progressive hardcore. Also, stop your stupid Italian down syndrome hand movements.

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