The Internet Overdose Song

Pretty much everything Rhett and Link do is awesome.  Makes me wish I had jumped on this bandwagon earlier (unfortunately, I’m always a Late A. Dopter).  Even though it’s already a year and a half old, this song holds a lot of significance for most of us.  With Google Buzz’s recent unveiliing, I find myself all the more overwhelmed with my social networking options.  I find this to be mostly paralyzing, not empowering (though I’m 137 in Internet years and a NINE on the Enneagram, so maybe that’s the problem).  Whether or not this experience is true for you, you may get a kick out the vid below.  (“Get a kick out of?”  Who says that anymore?  Maybe I’m 296 in Internet years).

For more of Rhett and Link’s brilliance, check out their YouTube channel.  I take no responsibility for some of the ads they list (that may offend), however most of their stuff is very clean.


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  1. You let the cat out of the bag on this one. How do I calculate my internet age? That sounds like it will go viral like that. *snap

    • we must devise a complicated algorithm.

      • A maior pre&oupacccedil;ão que fiz minha mãe passar, foi ter pintado meu braço inteiro com AMORA para que ela achasse que era sangue, dai cheguei e disse:_ Olha mãe o que aconteceu com meu braço, Ô_Ô. Ela ficou Pálida, mas dai eu falei q era brincadeira. Rsrsrsrs.

  2. Last year a group of us gave up FACEBOOK FOR Lent. Perhaps we were onto something. … Has the Internet become the recreational drug of choice for our generation? Note that I include myself in “our generation” – age dissolves in the digital universe, although immaturity remains. Lord, make us wise to be discerning concerning the time we have available to us. Let our lives be filled with only that which prospers our souls. Forgive us our FACEBOOK, et al … Deliver us from our digital drugs.

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