Things I Don’t Understand (But I Do Them Anyway)

Warning: This video is meant as entertainment, not as judgment.  Also, I am not big in Europe.  But David Hasselhoff is.  And I used to watch him on Knight Rider back in the 80s.  So I guess that puts me just three degrees away from being big in Europe.  And that’s not bad.


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  1. Kiwi’s & Aussies totally speak with ending on a high tone all the time!

  2. Jessie,
    Brother Mark from Kansas City here.
    Yeah I always get on my wife for saying “I know right?” it just sounds dumb.

    I like books and music- just like you!
    I am reworking my pedal board. Any suggestions?

    • Mark – thanks for the kind words. I’m an acoustic guy, I’m afraid, and the only pedal I use is a tuner (and I don’t even use it that well). Sorry I can’t be of more help in that dept., but thanks for chiming in, knowwhatahmean?

  3. Jesse Rice!
    You are honestly the funniest person alive.

    Just say’n…

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