How Would Life Be Different If We Felt Accepted?

Recently, I re-read a book called Shame and Grace: Healing the Shame We Don’t Deserve by Lewis Smedes. I can’t recommend it strongly enough. It inspired the following thoughts – see if any of them fit you, too:

How would I live today if I felt I was totally accepted – by God and by myself?

I believe I would live with joy and lightheartedness. My perspective on the day’s responsibilities and encounters would be framed with gratitude.

I would not be afraid of what people think of me and would not give my energy to trying to win or maintain their approval.

I would also not have to use “positive self-talk” to get myself to move. Grace would be my propellant.

I would take more creative risks.

Criticism and praise would only serve to help me, not hurt me.

I would not care so much how my job “defined me.” I would simply get to be me and that would be plenty for me, for God, and for everyone else.

I would not let the needs of the world shape me. Rather, out of my own freedom, I would lightly and skillfully bear freedom to to those around me.


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  1. i need this book.

    i know that when i live in grace (a fairly new concept to me) i am much better at extending it (especially to my little family).

    i don’t find myself using “positive self-talk” as much. instead i find myself talking myself into grace with the phrase, “give it grace.” grace for my thoughts, for my inadequacies, for things not accomplished, for relationships, for unfolded laundry, for a number of things.

    hopefully living in and giving grace will become habit.

  2. Great question. The creative risks idea resonated with me the most. I’m fairly creative by nature. Risk of failure, tied to fear of rejection, keeps me in the shallow end of the pool far too often.

    I love Jesus! What he accomplished in His cross and resurrection has actually made me a new creation. I am TOTALLY accepted. It’s my new identity. I just “am”. I didn’t make this change happen and I don’t have any power to stop it. It’s such good news! I’m 42 & feel like a kid at recess playing with powerful, effective, transformational Kingdom toys, bigger than I am, but designed with my safety and fulfillment in mind by a loving designer.

  3. Appreciate the sentiment. It is sometimes hard to live by grace, but so worthwhile, especially if we are in leadership

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