One day I got a phone call.  It was from someone who called herself “The Devotional Diva” (real name Renee Johnson).  Having worked with actual divas before, I assumed this one would have similar characteristics – y’know – the narcisstic, green M&M-demanding, bottled-water type.  Boy (and girl), was I wrong.

Renee introduced me to a new idea she had.  With heartfelt enthusiasm that bubbled over like…er, something that bubbles over…Renee told me about her idea called “Throw Mountains.”  She described it as a “pro-church speaking tour for 20- and 30-somethings and the people that love them.”  She mentioned the other authors who were part of the tour: Sarah Cunningham, Shawn Wood, and Kary Oberbrunner – in other words, actual published, well-known folks that put my littl foary into the publishing world to shame.  Nonetheless, I was invited.  Did I want in?

It’s hard to say no to Renee the Devotional Diva.  Not because she is Mariah-like demanding but because her enthusiasm is as contagious as your toddler’s head cold.  I jumped on board with a big smile on my face.

I say all of that because today is the official launch date for ThrowMountains and I want YOU to take a look at what we’re up to.  Then I want you to help get the word out as much as possible by RT’ing till the cows come home (i.e., re-tweeting until the bovines return from their grazing), by “LIKE”-ing us on Facebook and by talking to your college/young adult team about bringing us out to hang with you.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about his in the coming days, but for now, take a minute to click on our new site, watch the short videos, and daydream about how we could all ThrowMountains together!


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  1. THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited knowing that y’all are out there doing this!

  2. Jesse,

    Wow, this blog…is so…meaningful and, like amazing! So glad you said Yes. Glad to have you on the tour.

    Signed, your biggest fan!

    Renee, aka The Devotional Diva

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