Stop Googling Yourself

Have you ever Googled yourself?  Yeah, me, too.  But unless you’re Lady Gaga, your experience of the self-google may have reflected less than world-wide fame.  (And if you’re Lady Gaga, hi!  How are you?  It’s so cool that you’re reading my blog!  Pull up a chair!  I’ll turn down the thermostat to keep your meat suit fresh!).

This morning – Holy Saturday of all days! – I Googled “The Church of Facebook” and wound up with this interesting link that has nothing to do with my book or my blog or, good heavens, me at all.  LINK

Part of me felt like, “Hey!  That’s MY book title!  You can’t have it!  It’s mine, mine, mine!  And also, where can I get one of those sweet posters?”  Fortunately, this was all INSIDE of my head (I think).

The point is constantly looking to the interweb for validation tends to make me feel less and less sure of who I am and where my life is pointed.  For that reason, I’m now going to close my laptop, disconnect from the web, and enjoy some breakfast with extended fam.  I might even think about Easter.  What are you going to do next?


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