Why Do We Brag About Being Busy?

I find that more and more conversations involve me and some other person talking about “how crazy” life is.  Too much to do, not enough time to do it, and just wait until you hear about it what’s happened now!  Sometimes, it seems to escalate into full scale bragging.  I run into this especially with parents I bump into.  It sounds like…

PERSON ONE: “Well, life is good, but a little crazy.  Timmy’s got soccer practice every night and three games every weekend and he’s the captain of his debate team, and of course Kimmy’s got piano, cello, and harmonica lessons, and is training for a marathon.”

PERSON TWO: “Oh, I know what you mean about life being good but crazy.  David has kindergarten in the morning, then lacrosse, badminton, and bull-riding lessons in the afternoon, and he’s getting scuba certified.  And of course Julie has cooking lessons, astronaut lessons, and she commutes to Egypt once month for her mummification class.”

Unlike PERSONS ONE and TWO, I don’t yet have children (my first little sudent-of-the-month is on the way in September).  But I do the same thing busy parents do – I practically boast about all the stuff going on in my life as though it somehow validates me as a person.  I’m more valuable because I have more things I have yet to check off my to-do list.

This is silly.  This is primarily about my rubber-spined ego, my insecurities, my fear of what others think.

Don’t get me wrong, to-do lists are important.  We have stuff we have to get done and most of it really IS crucial to life continuing to move forward in healthy ways (e.g., paying our bills).

But our value was never meant to be tied to our to-do list.  Our value was always intended to be rooted in our relationships.  Relationships to God, others, ourselves.

Don’t let your busyness be a defense against fear of what people think.  Do one thing today that will get those important relationships higher up on your to-do list so that your to-do list can have real impact and real payoff.

(photo credit: Paul Bradbury, Imagebank)


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