The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Have you had that experience of speaking to someone in conversation when they suddenly pull out their cell phone and check it because they got a text message?  Have you ever done that to someone else?

Are you doing that right now?

When we consistently engage one another with half our mind somewhere else, we disrespect the person right in front of us.  We treat them as though they are not as important as whatever or whoever else we’re also connected to at the moment.  This easily becomes habit and most of us have gotten so used to being interrupted in this way (or interrupting others in this way) that we don’t even notice anymore.

It’s time to notice.

I believe one of the best ways we can love each other better these days is to give each other the gift of our full attention.   It’s the gift that keeps on giving (just like a Jelly of The Month Club membership).  When we practice giving the gift of our full attention, we honor and respect the person right in front of us (whether through analog or digital means) and open the door for deeper, more meaningful relationships.

What is one small way you and I can practice giving each other our full attention today?


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