You Think Friends Grow On Trees?

I live within a few blocks of a house that sold last year for $4.2 million.  The house is virtually brand new, has 7000+ sq ft, 7 bedrooms, 7 baths, and looks like one of those cool drug lord houses you’d see in a movie where the hero has to ultimately blow it up if any justice is to be done.  The fact that I live so close to the house is an anomaly, a warp in the space-time (or rather, poor person-rich person) continuum.  Nevertheless, here’s what’s so interesting to me about this house:

The Mysterious Owner* I’ve never seen, having yet to live in the house he/she purchased, is tearing it down, bit by bit, in order to build a new one in its place.  A brand new, unlived-in, multimillion dollar palace is being plowed to make room for another multi-million palace more to the owner’s liking.

Now I shouldn’t judge.  No one’s perfect.  Perhaps if I had the kind of cash Mystery Owner had, the kind that meant $4.2 million was pocket change, I’d plow it, too.  But of course, I do judge, and such events only seem to reinforce my yet-to-be-proven-then-“borrowed”-by-Mark-Zuckerberg idea that it is possible to have too much money.  In fact, it’s possible that too much money makes people undervalue what they’ve got.  Which leads me to the point of this morning’s blog.  Finally.

What if having too many friends makes us undervalue or even devalue our friends?  What if our long list of Facebook friends, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers, and fellow Rebecca Black Fan Club members (just me?), cause us to do the silliest things, like not spending regular time with those who matter most to us, or working so hard to accumulate more that we miss what’s right in front of us.

I know I’m challenged by this.  Most people who have more than 11 Facebook friends probably are, too.  And it’s got me brainstorming for a few simple things I could do to stop blowing my relational cash on silly remodels and start investing in the kind of friendships I’ll talk about on my death bed.  Any suggestions?


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