Why I Won’t Quit Facebook (Yet)

I’ve had a number of friends/acquaintances/virtual links tell me they’ve quit Facebook and feel great about it.  Especially since it gives them more time to Tweet.

Here’s my top 5 reasons why I WON’T quit Facebook:

5.  Most of my frustration with Facebook has to do with my own lack of boundaries.  It feels overwhelming because I let it overwhelm me.   My bad, not Facebook’s.

4.  I wrote a book about it and that would make me a hypocrite.  Or I guess it could make me a brilliantly subversive, Banksy-esque writer.  Hmm…need to think about that one some more.

3.  I like the Giant Rolodex that is Facebook, making it easy for me to keep my contacts in one place that isn’t on freaking Microsoft Outlook (I hate thee, O Organizer of Satan).

2.  My wife posts really interesting stuff and I’d hate to miss discovering it in my news feed (yes, she could just tell me, but by finding it on Facebook, I feel like I’m stumbling over a congratulatory newspaper headline spotlighting her).

1.  Facebook is where the people are, and I want to be – am called to be – where the people are.  

That said, I do fantasize about quitting Facebook, about not feeling so obligated to answer my many way-over-due Facebook  messages, about not thinking so hard about what or what not to post, about not worrying how this or that picture of me looks to people I haven’t seen in 20 years or more.

Hmm.  Banksy may be on to something.  What do you think?


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