Image Is Everything

Eugene Peterson, in his wonderful book on the pastoral vocation, Under The Unpredictable Plant, summarizes a thought by Stanley Hauerwas:

“If we want to change our way of life, acquiring the right image is far more important than diligently exercising willpower.  Willpower is a notoriously sputtery engine on which to rely for internal energy, but a right image silently and inexorably pulls us into its field of reality.”

Peterson’s reflections rings true.  Why else would anyone buy skinny jeans?  Why would anyone not buy the same style of jeans year after year after year once they found a style that worked?  The answer has to do with the images saturating our minds about what it means to fit in, to be complete, to have the life we’ve always wanted.  We shift our tastes in fashion, for example, because our fashion shifts first, remakes the images, and we follow.

But this isn’t a bad thing, as long as we have the “right” images before us.  So, inventory time.

What images run most consistently through your mind during the day?  Those images are pulling you into their field of reality.  Is that where you want to go?  Maybe it’s time to get some replacements.  What are some simple ways you can nurture new, life giving images and find more freedom today from the fickleness of pop culture?


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