How To Use Facebook In Worship

My friend, Jer Swigart, taught me an important phrase.  He didn’t know he was teaching it to me.  It was just part of his regular vocabulary during prayer.

And when he was praying for Katie and I a few years back, the phrase caught my ear.  This was the phrase:

“I worship You because…”

He would use this phrase in the same way I might say, “Thanks, God, for…”, but it had the effect of turning my heart more directly to worship of God for who He is and what He’s done.

What does all of this have to do with Facebook?

Potentially nothing.  But possibly quite a lot.

I’ve started using this little phrase during my day to keep my heart and mind centered on God.  For the record, most of the time my mind is anything but centered, but I’m practicing, and that’s a good start.  For example, I might come around a corner on southbound 5 nearing SeaTac airport and suddenly, there’s Mt Rainier, perpetually snow-capped and looking 70,000 feet tall.

“I worship You, God, because You made that giant hunk of rock, and you let me be here on this rare clear day to witness it.  Awesome.”

Over the last few months, Katie and I have had our son’s sonogram pics up on the fridge (he was due yesterday…he’s already running late for meetings, just like his pops).  When I spot them, usually just prior to pulling something tasty from the fridge, I think:

“I worship You because You’ve given us a son.  AMAZING.”

Now, obviously I don’t say, “I worship you, Mt Rainier” or “I worship you, O Sonogram Picture”.  I say, “I worship You, God, because________________”, and there an infinite number of ways to then fill in that blank. The object of our worship shapes us into its image, so we’d better worship the right thing.

But the point is I’ve started applying this phrase to Facebook.  I’m using that phrase to turn my Facebook-gawking into something more purposeful and satisfying.  Not all the time, but sometimes.  It can sound like this:

“God, I worship You because you’ve created THAT person and made them a unique and treasured part of Your creation.”

Or, “I worship You because you reconnected me to so-and-so all these years later.”

Or, “I worship You because of all the incredible ways you’ve connected my story to the stories of others and we’re all part of the Great Story that You’re telling and including everyone in.”

God has always used the most routinized, ordinary stuff of life for developing us more into His image.  A simple phrase applied to a strange but fun technology fits that description exactly.  And the result could be potent.

Thanks, Jer, for praying for Katie and I this way, and subsequently teaching me this phrase.  “God, I worship You because you made people to shape each other, and you used Jer to unknowingly help shape me more like You.”


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  1. That hits the target dead cenert! Great answer!

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