Blessed Are The Stressed: Beatitudes for the 21st Century

The Beatitudes in Matthew, chapter 5, were one way of Jesus saying, “I’ve come to turn things right-side up and everyone’s invited to join me in this right-side up-ness.  Even those you least expect.  Even you.”  With that as inspiration, I offer the following:

Blessed are the stressed-out and the totally-overwhelmed.  Blessed are the double-booked and perpetually over-committed.  Blessed are the poorly-organized and the constantly-running-behind.  Blessed are the always-worrying, always-hurrying, always-complaining-there’s-too-much-to-do.

Blessed are those who don’t spend enough quality time with their spouses and children.  Blessed, too, are the lazy and irresponsible.  Blessed are those who couldn’t get their act together if they tried.

Blessed are those who feel guilty all the time, wondering if they could do more or be more.  Blessed are those who wonder if they’ve missed their destiny altogether.  Blessed are those whose lives aren’t purpose-driven but instead walk around acting like people sideswiped by life.  Blessed are those who fantasize about running away from their responsibilities.  Blessed are those who actually run and leave behind them a wake of broken relationships.

Blessed are those who spend way too much time on Facebook.

Blessed are those who spend gobs of money on exercise equipment and fitness programs they never use and who feel ashamed by their lack of six-pack abs.  Blessed are those in debt up to their eyeballs but who insist on buying the latest high-tech gadget anyway.  Blessed are the pill-poppers, the porn addicts, the self-help junkies, and those who watch E! News religiously.  Blessed are those who know which celebrities are dating which other celebrities but have little idea what the Bible says about anything.  Blessed are those who doubt that God is good or sometimes wonder if he even exists.

Blessed are all of these sorry excuses for a human being.  Why?

Because theirs is the Kingdom of God.


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