How Disappointment Can Move You Closer To Your Dreams

Disappointment is a flashing, neon arrow pointing to something really, really good.  Disappointment is a clue that you’re on to something, that you’re nearing the heart of things, you’re getting down to the stuff that matters most to you.

But disappointment is also good because it can become your rocket fuel.

Car fuel can get you to Nevada.  But rocket fuel can get you to the moon.  (I suppose if you’re reading this in Nevada, large parts of which actually look like the moon, this may have extra meaning for you.)

The first book proposal I submitted for publication (one actually solicited by my publisher) was rejected.  But did I just fall to the floor, roll into a ball, and suck my thumb while sobbing Lake Tahoe-sized tears?

You bet I did.

I was devastated.  Hadn’t these people gotten the memo that it was my calling to be published?  Didn’t they understand that God was literally making space for on the Borders bookshelves?  (Sorry Borders, my bad.)  They did not.  Also, I hadn’t gotten the memo about how to write a good book proposal and they had wisely rejected my turd of a pitch.

After three long, perspective-restoring conversations with my wife and about three hundred chocolate chip cookies, I started again.  The second time around I landed the contract (it was still mostly rubbish, but my publisher could at least see the potential).

Where are you feeling that profound disappointment right now about how life hasn’t worked out like you hoped?

What might that disappointment be pointing to?   Make a list of possibilities.

What can you do TODAY to let it fuel you and get you closer to the stuff that makes your heart beat faster?

Disappointment is rocket fuel.  Let’s learn how to enjoy the ride.  The world needs us to keep moving.


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  1. Thanks Jesse! One of the hardest things about parenting is watching our children face disappointment, but you are right, it’s through some disappointments that we grow, see new options and possibilities, and learn to rely on God. I always want to protect my kids from disappointment….I realize now that they were watching me to see how I reacted when things didn’t go my way. I want to thank the adults in my kids lives who provided additional encouragement, reassurance and ideas to them during disappointing times… I’m looking for ways to do that for other families now.

    At a recent training for KidReach tutors, the instructor pointed out that the best thing a tutor can do is help a student acknowledge their learning challenges and then provide ways to tackle those…empowering the student and starting a pattern of looking for new approaches and resources. School can be a place that seems disappointing…but there can be rocket fuel there too!

    • thanks, lisa- that’s a great point i hadn’t considered: the pain of seeing someone you love run into disappointment. ouch. a whole different animal.

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