How To Get Better At Getting

The Word of the Lord for you today (yes, I’m a prophet, and I have the prophet-sized paycheck to prove it):

Receive.  Receive the good gifts I’ve given you.  Right where you’re at.  Just as you are.  Receive!

How do you receive a gift?  You say thank you and then start enjoying the gift.  Nothing makes a gift-giver happier than to see their gifts being enjoyed.

Sometimes to most enjoy a gift you have to share it with others.  Hide and Seek is way more fun with at least one other person than it is by yourself.  Trust me.

Either way, spend some time receiving today.  It is the right way to reorient yourself to the Gift-giver.

Here’s a journal excerpt where I try to respond to receiving (even with something as trivial as furniture):

Thanks, Jesus, for this couch I’m sitting on. 

It was free, given to us by some kind folks.  It’s new-ish, it looks great in our living room, it is comfortable to sit on, it gives me a little view of the backyard which I like.  Guests think it’s nice, too. 

Thank you for the friends that have sat on it.   Thank you for the conversations Katie and I have had on it.  Thank you for the way we’ve watched Boone (puppy) play from it.  Thanks that little Ryder likes to cuddle on it.

Thank you for the view of the dining room and all the memories we see there from this couch.  Thank you that this couch is big enough to spread out on, for Bob to take a nap on when he visits, for what a peaceful room it is part of, what a peaceful home, what a peace-filled life because you are good and have not abandoned us to unemployment or debt or loneliness. 

Thank you for this couch.

Stop resisting the gift and stop playing Hide and Seek alone.  Receive.


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  1. Amen! that is a needed reminder, thanks prophet Jesse 🙂

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