5 Reasons Why I’m Starting A New Blog (jesserice.com)

Dear friends,

If you’ve stumbled upon my blog recently or are one of my thousands of subscribers (and by “thousands”, I mean “tens”), you may have noticed that I’ve shifted my attention from The Church of Facebook blog to jesserice.com. And that one looks a little different every day as I tweak this widget and that header and on and on.

Why the new blog at jesserice.com? Because…

1. I don’t want to have to support each new writing project with its own blogging site. With The Church of Facebook, I needed a web platform to tool around with marketing for the book and learn some blogging basics. Mission accomplished! In just two and a half years I’ve sold dozens of books around the world and learned how to change the background colors of my WordPress theme! But the time has come to consolidate my web presence and creative projects under one name, the very name my parents gave me: Reginald Slartibartfast (which is Latin for “Jesse Rice”).

2. I have more interests than just Facebook. Sometimes when I meet people and I mention that I wrote The Church of Facebook (“Yeah, I’ll take a grande nonfat vanilla latte with whip, and did you know I wrote a book?”) they assume I eat, sleep, and breathe Facebook. But if I’m being honest, social networking and social media don’t really interest me that much. Topics I’m actually passionate about: helping people discover their vocation, relationships of all kinds, popular culture and its impact on our hearts and minds, and, of course, house plant maintenance.

3. I’m a terrible blogger but I’d like to become a better one. My blogging friends with large audiences practice three habits I do not:

blogging consistently.
blogging great content.
blogging with clear goals in mind.

This new blog with my name attached is another chance for me to learn and grow in the art of writing and blogging. Also, it’s an opportunity to use bullet points.

4. I’ll soon be launching a static site dedicated to my speaking ventures. My hope is that the blog will serve as a compliment to the static site by offering regularly new content and a chance to experiment with topics I’ll actually be speaking about (like “house plant maintenance”).

5. Sometimes you just need to admit you’ve failed and start over. I pretty much failed as The Church of Facebook blogger and that’s okay. I have other gifts. Namely, house plant maintenance. I was inconsistent, my branding was all over the place (as were my topics), and did not have any clear goals in mind. I sincerely apologize to my faithful subscribers who took a chance pressing the “submit” button and didn’t get much in return.  But admitting failure clears the road for a new beginning.

So take 10 seconds and head over to my new blog at jesserice.com.  Subscribe with your email address (top right). to receive my once-a-week “news, tips, and tricks” containing humorous yet thought-provoking anecdotes that could revolutionize the way you maintain your house plants.

Looking forward to connecting more at jesserice.com,



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