What If Life Came With Auto-Correct?

Wouldn’t it be great if life came with an “auto-correct” feature like the one my phone uses for texting? I do. Think how great it could be:

Just when you’re about to reach for that 5th cookie, a carrot stick would appear in its place.

Just when you’re about to buy that thing you can’t really afford right now,  $50 gets deposited into your savings account instead.

Just when you’re about to say “yes” to that person that’s asking too much of you (or the wrong thing of you), out pops “no, thank you” for an answer.

Just when you’re about to do that thing you wish, wish, wish you could stop doing, you magically choose the better thing with no effort at all.

No Regrets?

I’ve met a number of people who, when pressed, reflect back on their life and expound profundities like, “If I had it to do all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.”  The idea here is that each step led them to where they are now and I guess I agree with that part. But seriously? Wouldn’t change a thing? No regrets at all?

I’ll be honest – I don’t trust people who don’t at least have a few regrets.  It tells me they haven’t taken a hard look at themselves in the mirror.  I don’t mean we should bathe in the shame of what we’ve done wrong or wished we would have done differently.  I just mean if you can’t look back on your life and be able to identify some choices that would have spared you and others some heartache, you haven’t fully “owned” your life.

Taking Ownership

And ownership – as I’m slowly, painfully, awkwardly learning – is what life’s all about.

  • Owning the stuff I’m proud of and the stuff I hope to the Good Lord Jesus no one ever finds out about.
  • Owning (and not downplaying) my gifts and talents while simultaneously owning up to the fact that there are certain things I just plain suck at (and not trying to pretend otherwise).
  • Owning the fact that my choices really do have impact on others; locally and globally.
  • Owning my desperate neediness for a savior, a redeemer, a forgiver, a lover-of-me-no-matter-what.
  • Owning my “belovedness” (a frou-frou sounding word that one could spend a lifetime mulling over).

Auto-correct doesn’t exist for the choices we make.  I wish it had when I was caught speeding last weekend while driving without a license (I had left my wallet at home).  I wish I’d had it when I was making those thousand little choices to eat junk food instead of something healthy.  I wish it existed when I was putting all that stuff I don’t care about anymore on my credit card.  I wish it existed when I was a single guy trying on different dating relationships that were less than life-giving for myself or the other person.

Be Free

But auto-correct doesn’t exist for our life choices.  And we don’t need it.  Ownership trumps auto-correct.

So be free.  Be the beloved.  Take ownership of your life.  Take a good look at your story-so-far and say, “I sure screwed that part up” or “That’s something I did really well!”  Then let the God who has a massive, mind-blowing crush on you breathe new life into what lies behind you so you can enjoy today to its fullest and dream with hopeful anticipation about all your tomorrows.

BTW, the cop let me off with a warning.  I decided to learn from my mistake (and the ridiculous grace I was shown) and now keep my wallet secured to my pants with a long silver chain.  I make sure the chain hangs out so people know how gangsta I am.




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