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Q. What is The Church of Facebook? Is it a cult?

A. No, it’s not a cult. It’s an entertaining and informative blog that explores the intersection of faith, technology, culture, and human relationships. Like a church, it is a space to gather and try to figure out in community what matters most and what we should do about what matters most.  It is also a book by author Jesse Rice.

Q. Uh huh. And what’s the book about?

A. The Church of Facebook: How The Hyperconnected Are Redefining Community is an entertaining and informative look at how online social networking is revolutionizing culture and impacting human relationships.

Q. Sounds a little cult-like to me. And you just said “entertaining and informative” in both of the last answers. You sure you don’t sacrifice cows or anything?

A. This is not a cult. It’s an entertaining and informative blog and book. No cows have been harmed in the making of either.

Q. Goats?

A. No goats, either.

Q. I’m not really a church-goer and I’m not sure what I believe about God and faith and things like that. Is this blog and book really for me?

A. This blog and book is definitely for you! The author wrote it with the intention of including everyone in the conversation, regardless of faith background or experience. The author also makes it clear that he does not want to sell the reader on any particular faith experience, only that he personally believes “the good news of Jesus is best-suited for helping us address how to live well in a hyperconnected culture.”

Q. So it’s open to everyone? Even cult members?

A. Well, yes. I suppose even cult members.

Q. And cows?

A. I’m not sure I understand your obsession with cults and cows.

Q. Well, the truth is I’m a cow who is part of a cult.

A. Ah.

Q. Yeah, and there’s the rub. Anywho…a couple more questions:

A. Shoot.

Q. Who is Jesse Rice and does he lead a cult?

A. Jesse Rice (who is not a recognized cult leader, at least not of any cults particularly large or bovine in nature) is the author of this blog and the entertaining and informative book, The Church of Facebook. He has served in church ministry in various roles for the last 15 years and is also a writer and speaker. He has nice hair and is married to Katie.  Also, he lives in a remote barricaded compound in the mountains of Montana and is currently stocking up on guns and ammo.

Q. Ah ha! I knew it! Cult!

A. I was kidding about the compound and the guns and ammo. He lives in Seattle-ish, Washington.

Q. Seattle-ish, huh? Oh, he’s definitely in a cult. And how could I get in touch with Jesse Rice if I wanted to join his…

A. It’s not a cult!

Q. Whatever. How do I contact the guy?

A. There are four simple ways you can contact Jesse Rice:

  1. You can email him at


  2. You can follow his personal Tweets (@JesseRice)
  3. You can find him on Facebook.
  4. You can join the book’s Facebook fan page HERE.

Q. You said there were FOUR ways to contact Jesse. That was five!

A. I lied. That’s what cult leaders do. Also, I’m hungry and a big, juicy cheese burger sounds great right about now.

Q. Um…no further questions.

(cow photo by Wilfried Krecichwost)

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