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Free Song Download: Remembering Haiti Two Years Later

[Please forgive my intermittent blog posts these days – our new baby has been a joyful handful and leisure time has shrunk, as I imagine many of you understand well.  Regular posts will begin again very soon, so thanks for your patience.  But today, a special treat: This guest post is from Katie Rice, my wife and a humanitarian songwriter who was so moved by the picture below that she wrote a song about it.  Any and all donations made to her noisertrade account will be donated to UNICEF and their ongoing efforts to bring hope and healing in Haiti.]

Today marks the 2 year anniversary since the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti.  I wrote the song Hold On” shortly after, inspired by the story of Kiki, a seven-year old boy who was pulled from the rubble 7 days after the earthquake struck.  I can remember seeing the picture of Kiki being rescued.  That image will stay with me forever.

What must it have been like for Kiki to be trapped beneath his home for 7 days?  To hold and sing to his four-year old brother, Titite, who died in Kiki’s arms before rescuers could get to them?  To hold on to the belief that there was still a chance he’d make it out?

No one should ever have to experience that kind of horror, especially not a little boy.  But even amidst that unthinkable tragedy, the look on Kiki’s face when he was pulled out of the rubble was beautiful.  Joyful.  Unforgettable.

According to USAID, the January 12, 2010, earthquake in Haiti was the largest urban disaster in modern history.  The earthquake affected an estimated 3 million people, including approximately 1.5 million people displaced to 1,300 settlement sites throughout Port-au-Prince.  222,570 people were killed.  Tens of thousands of children were orphaned, and thousands more died after the quake due to disease and lack of resources.

As the world moves on and we are bombarded by more sad stories from around the world, we can tend to forget the many continuing to suffer from past disasters.  But millions of Haitians live in a world still turned completely upside down by what happened two years ago.

The homeless, the orphaned, the sick, the grieving.  Let’s pause today and remember those that suffered and died in the earthquake.  And let’s do something together to support the organizations dedicated to providing aid to those continuing to pick up the pieces of this disaster.

I am giving my song  “Hold On” away for free via noisetrade However, if you choose to leave a tip on my noisetrade page, 100% of the money I receive from your tips will go to UNICEF and it’s Haiti Earthquake Fund.  Or if you don’t want to tip me, just download the song and then head to UNICEF directly to donate.  

Also, please spread the word about my song as a way to remind others about the millions impacted in the Haiti earthquake that still need our help.  Thanks so much!  –Katie


HURRY! Download Katie’s Christmas song “Sweet Night” for FREE on NoiseTrade

I wanted let you know the my wife, Katie, wrote and recorded a BEAUTIFUL Christmas song that I think you might really enjoy.

It’s called Sweet Night and it has been used in Christmas Eve services across the country, featured on a Dutch TV show seen by 1.7 million people, and voted #1 by editors on CDbaby’s Holiday Charts.

You can download it temporarily for FREE right HERE from

For You On My Son’s B-day: A Video Classic

Today is my son’s birthday.  His very first day on the planet.  As such, I’m taking the next two days off from the blog and offering some classic reruns, just like Nickelodeon (but without all the skin).

This is from just a few months back when we announced our boy’s arrival to the world (by which I mean, Facebook).  It was filmed in our hallway using a little handheld Flip video camera and a six-million candle power flashlight.  Filming had to be done with the camera in one hand and the light in the other.  The song was dubbed over a downloaded karaoke track (using Logic), then we practiced lip-syncing the whole deal while “dancing.”  It was extremely low-budge and poor Katie was violently nauseous (not bad acting, eh?)  It was her idea, lyrics and all.  Hope you enjoy, even if it’s your 37th time through.

See you on Thursday!  I’ll be the one with dark circles under my eyes and the big toothy grin.

Couple “Updates” Their Relationship Status

My sister-in-law-in-law, Erin sent this to Katie and I.  I thought it was brilliant. My, how things have changed…

Happy Thanksgiving

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