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Ryder’s One Year Birthday Video

My ridiculously talented wife, Katie, created this original song and video piece to celebrate Ryder’s one-year birthday. What a huge gift to Ryder and to our family. Thanks, love – beautiful, powerful, inspiring, thoughtful, heart-filled work.



HURRY! Download Katie’s Christmas song “Sweet Night” for FREE on NoiseTrade

I wanted let you know the my wife, Katie, wrote and recorded a BEAUTIFUL Christmas song that I think you might really enjoy.

It’s called Sweet Night and it has been used in Christmas Eve services across the country, featured on a Dutch TV show seen by 1.7 million people, and voted #1 by editors on CDbaby’s Holiday Charts.

You can download it temporarily for FREE right HERE from

How To Tame Your Angry Birds

I love it when technology (YouTube) comments on technology (iPhone app). Here’s Pomplamoose, one of my favorite YouTube sensations (and some fantastic musicians and just to toot my own horn I use to sing with Nataly when she was part of the college ministry I worked with and just to let you know how dense I am I had no idea she was doing the highly-successful Pomplamoose thing until about a year ago.  Also, they have graduated from YouTube sensations to full on touring.  See their schedule HERE.)

With humor, flair, serious creativity, and truly excellent musicianship, Pomplamoose shows us how to tame those Angry Birds.

The Internet Overdose Song

Pretty much everything Rhett and Link do is awesome.  Makes me wish I had jumped on this bandwagon earlier (unfortunately, I’m always a Late A. Dopter).  Even though it’s already a year and a half old, this song holds a lot of significance for most of us.  With Google Buzz’s recent unveiliing, I find myself all the more overwhelmed with my social networking options.  I find this to be mostly paralyzing, not empowering (though I’m 137 in Internet years and a NINE on the Enneagram, so maybe that’s the problem).  Whether or not this experience is true for you, you may get a kick out the vid below.  (“Get a kick out of?”  Who says that anymore?  Maybe I’m 296 in Internet years).

For more of Rhett and Link’s brilliance, check out their YouTube channel.  I take no responsibility for some of the ads they list (that may offend), however most of their stuff is very clean.

Corona Twinkle on Facebook


(Not For Viewing By My Baptist Friends)

This is one of the best and simplest videos to show up on my Facebook newsfeed this afternoon. There is nothing cool on this planet that my friend, Liz Hetzel, has not already done.  For more evidence see below:

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