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Ryder’s One Year Birthday Video

My ridiculously talented wife, Katie, created this original song and video piece to celebrate Ryder’s one-year birthday. What a huge gift to Ryder and to our family. Thanks, love – beautiful, powerful, inspiring, thoughtful, heart-filled work.



For You On My Son’s B-day: A Video Classic

Today is my son’s birthday.  His very first day on the planet.  As such, I’m taking the next two days off from the blog and offering some classic reruns, just like Nickelodeon (but without all the skin).

This is from just a few months back when we announced our boy’s arrival to the world (by which I mean, Facebook).  It was filmed in our hallway using a little handheld Flip video camera and a six-million candle power flashlight.  Filming had to be done with the camera in one hand and the light in the other.  The song was dubbed over a downloaded karaoke track (using Logic), then we practiced lip-syncing the whole deal while “dancing.”  It was extremely low-budge and poor Katie was violently nauseous (not bad acting, eh?)  It was her idea, lyrics and all.  Hope you enjoy, even if it’s your 37th time through.

See you on Thursday!  I’ll be the one with dark circles under my eyes and the big toothy grin.

Couple “Updates” Their Relationship Status

My sister-in-law-in-law, Erin sent this to Katie and I.  I thought it was brilliant. My, how things have changed…

ANOTHER Personal Greeting from Jesse Rice

You Are Four Minutes Away From Learning More About The Social Media Revolution


My friend, Andrea Christian Heinecke, sent me the link to this clever and interesting video piece on social media.  It’s a great conversation starter though I cannot confirm all of the stats.  Over 650,000 people have already seen this, but maybe you (like me a few minutes ago) hadn’t yet.  If that’s the case, I recommend it.  Thanks, Andrea!  (Andrea played a key role in helping me secure a book contract, so I will always be  a big fan of hers.  Plus, she’s awesome.)

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